IoT Storage

About The Technology

Mr. Kevin Williams began investing R&D resources in Smart Grid technology starting in 2010. Development continued and culminated in multiple patent applications through 2013. Patents were awarded for a Personal Energy System and Distributed Energy Source System in 2016. Mr. Williams founded a new "Deep Tech" company and brand called WISE Distributed Energy.

WISE is using patented technology, an intelligent energy storage solution with Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, creating a Distributed Energy Source System to transform the electric utility industry. These industries are expected to evolve into multi-billion dollar opportunities. WISE, is creating a line of products and solutions at the forefront of the next generation of power distribution and distributed generation.

WISE technology empowers energy users to gain greater control of electric power through efficient energy management. The software integrates with an on-site controller and battery storage hardware. This patented technology enables users to save money on electric bills while creating value for electric utilities by providing usage data all the way to the grid’s edge. The system also allows energy users to control the internet-enabled devices in their home or commercial business from a smartphone or other mobile device through the IoT.