Commercial Solutions

Benefit Your Company’s Bottom Line with WISE Energy Storage

Utility bills are a necessary part of budgeting for almost any business owning or renting buildings and other facilities to support its operations. In addition, the possibility of blackouts and other energy-related malfunctions or inefficiencies can negatively impact your ability to generate revenue. WISE technology saves your business money by optimizing your energy usage while mitigating or eliminating inefficiencies.

Internet of Things Integration

WISE allows businesses to connect their smart devices so they’re integrated with any computer or mobile device. This enables you to constantly monitor and control your facility’s energy usage while easily managing its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices.

Targeted Data Analytics, Predictive Modeling, and Custom Reporting and Analysis

A small change in energy usage behavior can make a significant impact in a company’s energy consumption and thus its utility bills. With WISE’s integrated predictive modeling tool set, you can collect and review data to gain insights about how to optimize your building’s energy usage. Targeted analytics allow businesses to view pertinent energy usage data to help them optimize their energy usage. Our reporting platform allows for the creation of custom dashboards featuring easy-to- read charts and graphs. Large-scale data capture and warehousing capabilities enable the application to capture and report on an ever-growing set of data.