Partners Solutions

Professional Energy Audits, Installation, and Sales by Our Partner Network

WISE products are distributed and installed by a network of Partners within the HVAC, electrical, solar, and other energy industries who are certified and highly trained professionals. They possess the skills and capabilities to understand and implement WISE products safely and efficiently. WISE’s ability to deploy a nationwide workforce of trained and certified installers to connect equipment, is a key success factor enabling us to serve our customers.

Partners have dedicated resources focused on consumer energy products. They are well-established businesses with personnel dedicated to sales, service, and support. WISE has an assignment of one Partner for every 100,000 consumers, and the locations have been chosen based on the 295 most populated cities in the country. Additional Partners will be added as demand dictates.

WISE Partners fulfill one or more of the following roles to serve WISE’s customers:

Energy Audits – WISE customers can perform a simple Energy Assessment for free themselves. However, they may prefer to have a professional energy audit to give them a much more detailed account of their energy usage and thus a better understanding of which WISE products will serve them best. This is especially true if they live in a large home or manage a large building or facility. The energy auditor will be certified by the Building Professional Institute (BPI). For more information about BPI certifications, click here.

Installations – When a customer orders WISE products, the order goes to the WISE installer within the territory who then communicates with the customer to schedule an installation. Installers must be certified HVAC, electrical, solar, or other renewable energy contractors.

Resellers – WISE resellers create business development opportunities for energy audits and installations. They generate revenue by producing qualified leads which energy auditors and installers follow up on.

Web portal for easy ordering and installation

Consumers can go to our web portal and take a patented Energy Assessment to learn how much energy they use room-by- room. The tool matches the consumer’s needs with WISE energy storage products and allows them to make a purchase. The system then directs the consumer to the nearest Installation Partner to schedule the installation of their newly purchased WISE products. Installation Partners monitor the system to check for installations scheduled in their territory.

Integrated hardware systems

The web-based software and related hardware uses a controller, inverter, battery banks, and communication tools in a seamless delivery model. The hardware device communicates with the Energy Management System. In addition, the device stores electricity in a unique configuration using series-tied lithium ion battery banks along with an ultra-capacitor bank to power a dwelling during peak-demand periods.

The system integrates with most alternative energy sources such solar, wind, and other intermittent renewables. The system can also interact with electric vehicles (EV) to swap power when needed. Consumer savings, convenience, safety, and outage prevention are bundled into a single product and service delivery program.

If you’re interested in becoming a WISE Partner, please contact us.