Residential Solutions

Store the Energy To Power Your Home

WISE technology empowers you to save money on electric bills, reduce wasted electricity, and control your energy usage to fit your lifestyle. This comes as next generation forms of energy and energy storage are increasingly at the forefront of electrical grid and smart grid development.

How We Use Electricity

Nearly all of us power our homes with electricity produced from the electric grid. This power flows through transmission lines to distribution lines and into our homes. The electric utility produces enough power to provide electricity to your whole house all the time. But, when was the last time you needed to have all your lights and appliances on at the same time? You are being billed for energy even though you are not using all of it. This process is grossly inefficient considering the energy generation and storage options available today.

The Problem with the Electric Grid

The electric grid generates electricity from power plants to push out massive amounts of alternate current (AC) power. This system allows us to move electric power over long distances. However, it is inefficient because the grid produces more electricity than we actually consume. This leads to huge amounts of waste and carbon emissions contributing to climate change according to well-established science.

Up to 61 percent of Electricity in U.S. Economy is Wasted

According to a 2012 study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the U.S. economy wastes 61 percent of the electricity generated. Lighting, electronics, air conditioning, and heating are contributing factors to the waste because we pay for the power to operate these devices in our homes whether we use them or not.

Next Generation Smart Home Technology is a Solution to Waste and Inefficiency

WISE technology products empower you to control what you spend on your energy usage by allowing you to manage your consumption in every room and at each switch and outlet. The patented WISE System matches your energy usage levels with the appropriate storage technology to optimize your energy consumption. This reduces waste and lowers your electricity bills while decreasing your carbon footprint. The technology communicates data from each outlet and switch to a controller connected to your electric panel and smart meter. This allows you to turn the power off and thus suspend electric utility charges.

Learn How Much Electricity is Needed to Power Your Home

The WISE system begins by first showing you how much electricity you use each day based on a free Energy Assessment. You also have the option to receive a more detailed Energy Assessment by signing up to become a member or contacting one of our Parters, who’ll provide an energy audit for you at a low cost. The result of the Energy Assessment will tell you how much energy is needed to power every room in your home.

WISE System: A New Way to Power Your World

This new idea in energy management began with a simple premise: We all have 24 hours in a day and how we choose to use those hours are completely up to each person. We applied the same principle to how we use the many electric devices connecting our world. Our patented process of analyzing electric use and integrating new energy storage technology can lower your electric bills while reducing your carbon footprint. This combination of technology will give you greater control of your home energy consumption. WISE technology is also convenient because you can manage it from your computer and mobile devices anywhere.

Make Your Home a Smart Home

Smart home technology such as smart thermostats, cameras, door locks, and lights communicate with each other to make your home a smart home. The WISE System offers products with the same Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. Our WISE controller can integrate all of your smart devices so you can control them through your computer and mobile devices.

Use the WISE Energy Assessment to Measure How Much Energy You Use

Our Energy Assessment will quickly and easily determine how much energy you use each day. The system is designed to convert kilowatt hours to dollars and cents to give you a realistic look at your energy usage and costs in real-time. The Energy Assessment gives you information for each device in every room as well as time and energy use for plugged-in electronics and appliances. Once installed, the WISE System will learn about and analyze your daily energy usage patterns. It will then present you with actionable information you can use to save money and optimize the energy efficiency of your home.

Internet of Things Integration

WISE software is web-based and connects with your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices. The software is compatible with iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms. Your computer and mobile devices communicate with the WISE Controller, allowing you to control the energy use in your home from anywhere.

Get Energy Notices and Alerts

The WISE System’s real-time notices give you up-to- the-minute information on your energy usage. These energy savings alerts can provide rebates, reduced rate programs, and other incentives your electric company may offer, thus allowing you to further reduce your electric bill. Simple event buttons on the WISE software application allow you to make money-saving changes with the touch of a button.